Friday, September 14, 2012

What Mask Are You Hiding Behind?
October 20 in Ellisburg

Connie Silva was on the brink of suicide when a friend invited her to church. Connie accepted the invitation and now helps other women deal with the hardships that life can bring. Connie will share her story and music in a message titled “Masquerade: What Mask Are You Hiding Behind” on Saturday, October 20 at the Ellisburg Methodist Church.

The free 10am-12noon program is presented by Live More Ministries following a free breakfast offered by the Ellisburg Methodist Church Women.

Connie survived 23 years in an abusive marriage while also raising a mentally-handicapped child. She says, “We often pretend to be someone we are not to hide our circumstances or to impress someone or to sustain misbeliefs about ourselves. The Bible teaches us the truth that we are beautiful and we don’t need to hide behind a mask.”

Connie now shares her inspirational message by speaking, performing concerts, and through a published record album. She will sing and speak on October 20th in Ellisburg. This is the Ellisburg Methodist Church’s 100th anniversary in the existing church building.

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