Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Laughter and the Lord in Adams Center May 30

Sarah laughed, Moses wandered, Jonah pouted, but God reigned. If that sounds familiar to your life, you are invited to enjoy a free presentation of Laughter and the Lord by Pastor Cathy Hamilton on Saturday, May 30. The program is a free presentation offered by Live More Ministries and hosted by the Adams Center Baptist Church at 13394 US Route 11, Adams Center, NY.

Pastor Cathy Hamilton, now retired from 20 years of service with Sandy Creek Baptist Church and Calcium Community Church, and the Ministers at Large program of the American Baptist Ministries, is known for her sense of humor and distinctive laugh. Cathy will share her journey from wife, mother to four daughters, bookkeeper, and caretaker to answering the call to ministry.

“People would never believe I was once a quiet person. The thought of public speaking made me ill, but I knew God was calling and I soon learned that when He calls, you answer and He will provide the means. I pray this program will encourage others. So often, too often, we are afraid to take that step. Afraid we have nothing to offer. There is no one that God cannot use to further His ministry. Look at me,” Pastor Hamilton says.

Live More Ministries is a Christian outreach program for women, offering programs quarterly at churches throughout the Jefferson County area. On Saturday, May 30, the Adams Center Baptist Church Women will offer breakfast from 9am to 9:45am followed by the 10am-12pm presentation.

For more information about Live More Ministries for women, contact Chris at 315-767-2058, or email sallyj@twcny.rr.com

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Love God, Live Healthy ~ Saturday, January 31st

On Saturday, January 31, certified life coach Connie Silva will present "Love God, Live Healthy" with tips for totally healthy living at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church on Grove Street in Adams, NY. The free 10am-12pm program is sponsored by Live More Ministries, providing quarterly programs for women in the southern Jefferson County area. The St. Cecilia’s Church Women will offer a complimentary breakfast from 9am to 9:45am.

“Living in total health does not mean just being physically healthy. I am excited to share tips for managing heart and soul issues and for loving God with all our strength and minds,” says Connie.

Connie inspires women through her coaching practice Hope for All Seasons, and with inspirational speaking programs that draw on her experience with abuse and raising a mentally-handicapped child. She also offers concerts and has a published record album.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bibles in My Boots - Lessons for Stepping Out in Trust in Any Life Situation

On Saturday, November 1, the Philadelphia Methodist Church will host Live More Ministries and a 10am-12pm presentation entitled “Bibles in My Boots” by Ann Sudduth of Watertown, NY. Ann will offer a 45-minute speaking program followed by a half-hour session on all-inclusive lessons for living that she learned after finally saying “Oh, alright” to the call to smuggle New Testaments into Communist Russia. 

The program hosts and speaker stress that all women are welcome, especially those who may be seeking direction. 

“I struggled with my faith by myself for 15 years, but that struggle has not been a waste. I hope my program will help others find their way more easily,” Ann says.

“People may have heard me speak before about the close calls on my journey into Russia and not knowing if I would be thrown into prison to never see my children again, but in this presentation I want to share universal lessons about stepping out in faith and trust no matter what challenges you face wherever you are in life,” she adds.

The November 1 free program at the Philadelphia Methodist Church, 21 Main Street, includes a 9am-9:45am complimentary breakfast by the Philadelphia Methodist Church Women followed by the 10am-12pm program.
Live More Ministries is a Christian women’s ministry offering quarterly programs open to all women at various locations in Jefferson County. For more information, call Chris at 315-767-2058, email Sally at sallyj@twcny.rr.com

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

July 12 in Smithville Hear Powerful Message for Living Beyond Suicide and Life’s Testing

How do you cope with the loss of a loved one, your home, your income, your hope? On Saturday, July 12, at the Smithville Baptist Church, Kathy Sheley will share the powerful story of how she found new life after the death by suicide of her beloved husband and the loss of her home and income. Her show-and-tell presentation titled ‘Lost and Found’ has a universal message for coping with loss of any kind. The program is free.
“We are all tested by the storms and challenges of life. I want to offer hope to anyone experiencing heavy sorrow or simply being tested by the everyday difficulties of life. People need to know they do not walk through their trials alone and that there are still treasures to be found in living past the pain,” says Kathy.
Kathy is the founder of the Left Behind program in Watertown to help people of all ages cope with the death of a loved one to suicide. The group meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Jefferson County Hospice offices.
“Left behind is how I felt and so Left Behind provides people with a caring and confidential opportunity to begin the healing and recovery journey they need to take after losing someone who has taken their own life. We need a place to express feelings, disappointment, and pain without being judged and among others who have also been left behind. My message on July 12 will emphasize the light that can be found past the darkness of loss,” Kathy says.
The July 12 free program at Smithville Baptist Church, 14157 County Road 75, includes a 9am-9:45am complimentary breakfast by the Smithville Baptist Church Women followed by the 10am-12pm program. For more information, contact Chris at 767-2058 or  sallyj@twcny.rr.com

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Motivational Humorist Yvonne Conte Will Bring Laughter and Encouragement to Adams March 15

On Saturday, March 15, Live More Ministries for women will welcome internationally-known motivational humorist and author Yvonne Conte at the Adams Village Baptist Church, 24 East Church Street. The free presentation begins with breakfast from 9-9:45am followed by a uniquely funny and upbeat presentation by Yvonne from 10am-12pm.

A high energy, generous personality, Yvonne has a gift for leaving her audiences with a positive view of the future. Yvonne draws on her Italian family heritage and experiences with meeting personal challenges, major career changes, death, illness, divorce and single parenthood with an unshakable optimism, deep faith and humor.

On March 15, Yvonne will be presenting two messages from her repertoire as a successful keynote speaker in the corporate world since 1995 and sought-after motivational speaker. She has appeared in 38 states and seven countries and on network television. Her Humor Advantage, Inc. corporate speaking business earned 2011 Unique Small Business honors at the SOHO Conference in Syracuse.

Yvonne will be sharing a fast-paced look at the emotional and physical benefits of humor entitled the Joy of Jesus and how to have "Holy Ambition." She says, "If you are not sure what God wants from you, come and learn how to hear God's Word literally walk you down His path."

Yvonne is director of Psalm 16:8 Ministries and creator of The Day of Joy For Women annual Christian conference, scheduled for March 29, 2014, in Syracuse, NY. She has written six books on humor and joy, including "Cry, Laugh, Cook" and co-authored Remarkable Women of Faith which includes profiles of actresses Jennifer O'Neil and Ann Jillian. Yvonne will be signing books after the free presentation on March 15.

Live More Ministries offering Christian outreach program for women four times a year at various host churches throughout the southern Jefferson County area. For more information about Live More Ministries for women, contact Chris at 315-767-2058, sallyj@twcny.rr.com, www.facebook.com/LiveMoreMinistries

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christian Author to Speak in Mannsville ~ Saturday, January 11th

On Saturday, January 11, in a 10am program at the United Methodist Church in Mannsville, author Eileen K. Parsons will share the story of how she has blended the joys and sorrows of her life with a military family, her lifelong faith, and her passion for writing.

Her first Christian fiction novel, The First Rose of Summer, received Honorable Mention at the 2012-13 Los Angeles Book Festival.

“I have long had the desire to write stories and novels that would inspire people to draw closer to the Lord and the Truth of Christ,” Parsons says. “I hope my writing and speaking will touch hearts in a way that informs and uplifts.”

The First Rose of Summer is the story of how the strong moral character and faith of a young woman impacts the life of a young financial manager living a fast-paced, expensive lifestyle. The book has been praised as an exciting, yet clean page-turner from start to finish with suspense about how God’s plan will be carried out.

Born in Watertown, NY, Eileen now lives in Orwell, NY, with her husband Eric. Her son Daniel is studying to become a pastor. Eileen writes a Parsons Papers blog at http://parsonspapers.com/articles.

The January 11th program is a free presentation offered by Live More Ministries, a Christian outreach program for women that visits churches throughout the southern Jefferson County area. The Mannsville United Methodist Church Women will offer breakfast from 9am to 9:45am followed by the 10am-12pm presentation.